Leica DXplore Survey



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DXplore Survey License 

The Leica DSX maximizes productivity with cutting-edge software that automates data analysis and creates a 3D utility map on the field.

DXplore   Starter Surveyor
Setup Animation tutorials
  Status check (connection, battery level, etc.)
  Project and draft management
  GNSS and TPS connection wizard  
  GNSS/TPS aided project and grid definition workflow  
  Project management
Acquisition Grid Scan mode
  Quick Scan mode
  Radar sensor control (scan and pause, etc.)
  DSX cart position and scan trajectory displayed in 3D
  Real-time scan trajectory from GNSS/TPS  
Positioning Location from wheel encoders
  Google Maps and current location support
  Local coordinate system support  
  GNSS antenna and TPS support  
  Accuracy check in all screens  
  Geoid corrections  
Process & Analysis On-site radar tomography generation
  POI support
  Utility marking
  Semi-automatic utility verification
  Utility depth calibration with user input
  Georeferencing with positioning data  
View Animation on tomography slices
  2/3D view
  Horizontal/Vertical scans
  Contrast Slider
  Lead to utility viewer  
Import Utility records in DXF, DWG and ESRI shape file  
  Multiple layer support  
Export Report in PDF format
  Detected utilities in DXF format
  Tomography in png, jpg, tiff, bmp, and gif format
  Output in selected local coordinate systems  
  MC1 (.lok supported)  
  WGS84 ellipsoid, reference ellipsoid, orthometric height