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Leica DST 360 Adapter for BLK3D with TRI 120 and Rugged Case


In The Box:

  • Leica DST 360 adapter for BLK3D (not compatible with DISTO X3 and X4)
  • Tripod Leica TRI 120
  • Rugged case (IP67 rated)

Article Number: 864980

P2P measurements with DST 360
   Type    Value
Working range vertical sensor -64° to >90°
Accuracy vertical sensor up to ±0.1°
Working range horizontal sensor 360°
Accuracy horizontal sensor up to ±0.1°
Tolerance P2P function at distances approximately
(combination of sensors and distance measuring)
±2 mm at 2 m
±5 mm at 5 m
±10 mm at 10 m
Leveling range ±5.0°