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A quick look at the UI and onboard instructional videos followed by a demonstration of how to define a grid, take a scan, and produce a 3D underground utility map.


Leica DSX Workflow Step 1

Step 1: Homework

Contact utility companies that may have assets buried where you plan to dig. In the US, you can contact Dig Safe (811). Local government may also have a utility map.

Utility maps are a good place to start, but in many cases are not accurate enough to start digging. Plus, if you are on private property the maps may end at the property line. An initial sweep with an electromagnetic locator is recommended to identify areas that you will want to include in your search grid.

Leica DSX Workflow Step 2

Step 2: Map Utilities with Leica DSX

Set up a search grid, making sure to include the areas that were identified when you did your homework.

The DSX will create a 3D utility map in the context of the grid. Add a GPS/GNSS system to create a highly accurate georeferenced map.

Leica DSX Workflow Step 2

Step 3: Dig with Confidence

Use the map to mark out utilities on the surface.

If your organization is using DX Manager Mapping, or other compatible construction management software like Infinity or Captivate, georeferenced utility maps generated by the DSX and GPS/GNSS can be sent to the cab of the excavator. This is particularly useful when the underground map is complex.

Look Deep

We maintain an active Utility Detection blog

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In this first blog of the three-part series, I will get more specific and probably a bit more serious. I work for Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon and, as a global trainer for detection products, I am in a very privileged position to have access to a range of equipment which includes electromagnetic cable locators, handheld high-frequency GPR, utility detection GPR, multi-array GPR systems, GPS and TPS, collection software and post-processing software, in fact, the whole range of products when looking for a complete solution from detecting/locating to reporting.

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