Individual utilizing the Leica FLX100 at a site

Accurate orthometric heights from Leica Zeno Smart Antennas in ArcGIS Field Maps

By Jason Hooten



Leica Zeno solutions strengths rely on the ability to create your own solution. A very good example of this is using Esri´s ArcGIS Field Maps with Leica Zeno Connect and a Zeno receiver, such as the FLX100 plus and the GG04 plus smart antennas. This setup brings high accuracy to the Field Maps user in a streamlined manner.

In this document, we introduce the steps to record orthometric heights in ArcGIS Field Maps with the help of Zeno Connect, from setting up layers for orthometric height collection to configuring Zeno Connect correctly.

Esri released documentation, which can be found here (see point 5), explaining the required expressions to accomplish this task. This document provides a more comprehensive view, including preparation of layers and setup of the software. Follow along with our step by step guide linked below. 

Step by Step PDF Guide