Individual utilizing the Leica FLX100 at a site

Leica Zeno Connect Setup Guide

By Jason Hooten


The Leica Zeno FLX100 plus is a powerful GPS rover that is compatible with iOS, Android, or Windows and is a perfect solution to collect GIS data with our Zeno Mobile app, or send data to any collector app. This post is aimed to help teach you more about the functionality of your Leica FLX100 plus. Click the link below to access a pdf detailing:

  • How to configure realtime corrections.
  • How to apply a geoid for orthometric elevations.
  • How to access Zeno Connect widget.
  • How to connect to third-party applications such as: Esri Field Maps, Esri Survey 123, Geolantis360, Pointman, Geosync, Field Genius, Flowfinity, Ecobot, and more.

Leica Zeno Connect Setup Guide PDF