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User Manual Leica DISTO D110 (English)
User Manual Leica DISTO D110(Español)
Quick-Start Leica DISTO D110 (English only)
Leica DISTO D110(E7100i) CE conformity declaration
Leica DISTO + Bluetooth® – getting started on Android
Leica DISTO + Bluetooth® – getting started on iOS
Leica DISTO + Bluetooth® – getting started on Windows 10
Leica DISTO + Bluetooth® – getting started on Windows 8
Leica DISTO D110 Brochure (English)
Leica DISTO D110 aka E7100i Brochure (Español)
Leica DISTO Self-Calibration (English only)

How can I remove the pocket clip of the device?

Please proceed as follows to remove the pocket clip. Press the bottom of the device to unlock and remove the clip. Click here to purchase a replacement clip.

How can I attach the pocket clip to the device?
Please proceed as follows to attach the pocket clip. Please insert the clip through the gap in the bottom of the device.

How can I open the battery compartment? 
In order to open the battery compartment on the pocket clip needs to be removed. After removing the clip, the battery compartment can be opened.

What is the maximum measuring range?
The device measures distances between 0.2 up to 60 meters. 

What functions are implemented in the device?
You can measure distances, areas and execute continuous measurements. You can transfer all measurements via Bluetooth® Smart.

How can I turn the beep of the device on / off?
By pressing the Bluetooth® key and the area key together for 2 Sec the beep can be turned on / off.

How can I turn on/off Bluetooth® on the device?
By pressing the Bluetooth® key for 2 seconds.

How can I get one extra year of warranty for the Leica DISTO D110 (E7100i)?
Our standard warranty of 2 years can be extended by one additional year if you register your device here within eight weeks of the purchase date. If the product is not registered, a two year warranty applies.  

What does it mean when I attempt a measurement but the unit shows a number on the display versus my measured value?
This is a message code. The numbers are displayed if a successful measurement could not be performed. The user himself can correct the measuring situation to achieve a measurement. Below you can find a table showing corrective actions:


No. Cause Correction
204 Calculation error Perform measurement again.
240 Data transfer error Repeat procedure.
252 Temperature too high Let device cool down.
253 Temperature too low Warm device up.
254 Battery voltage too low for measurements Change batteries.
255 Received signal too weak, measuring time too long

Change target surface (e.g. white paper).

256 Received signal too high Change target surface (e.g. white paper).
257 Too much background light Shadow target area.
258 Measurement outside of measuring range Correct range.
260 Laser beam interrupted Repeat measurement.

Other error messages not listed here may indicate a problem with the device. In such a case, please take the following measures:

  • Switching the device off and on again
  • Insert new batteries (please use quality batteries of a known brand)
  • Repeat procedure
  • If the message appears during a measurement, select a good target at close range with little ambient light and repeat the measurement. If a measurement is possible, please check whether the previously performed measurement is at the edge of the device specification.

If the message also appears repeatedly after these measures, please contact your dealer.

What does ISO 16331-1 standard mean?
When products and services meet our expectations, we tend to take this for granted and be unaware of the role of standards. However, when standards are absent, we soon notice. We care when products turn out to be of poor quality or are unreliable or dangerous. An ISO Standard ensures consistent quality and reliability for a product. 
The range and accuracy of laser distance meters depend greatly on lighting conditions and the reflective properties of the target object. For Leica Geosystems it is important that the performance of the device is maintained not only in the test laboratory but even more so on everyday site tasks. Therefore we have worked with external experts to develop a global standard to test and specify laser distance meters and allow comparisons between devices of different manufacturers. Instruments tested in accordance with ISO 16331-1 achieve their promises. Further information can be found here on our website.

What Bluetooth® technology is integrated in the Leica DISTO D110 (E7100i)? 
The Leica DISTO D110 (E7100i) has Bluetooth® SMART. The devices is working with smartphones or tablets with Bluetooth® 4.0, or are “Smart Ready”. It is also required that the operating system supports this Bluetooth® standard which is the case for iOS devices, Android devices 4.3 or higher, and Windows 8.0 or higher.

Can I send measuring data from a Leica DISTO D110 (E7100i) to iOS mobile devices? 
Yes, the Leica DISTO D110 (E7100i) can communicate with iOS mobile devices. It’s possible to send measuring data to an iPhone (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c), iPad3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPod touch (Gen. 5). (--> Bluetooth® 4.0)

Can I send measuring data from a Leica DISTO D110 (E7100i) to Android devices? 
Yes, the Leica DISTO D110 (E7100i) can communicate also with Android devices, with operating system 4.3 or higher, and which have integrated Bluetooth 4.0. Used apps should support the corresponding Bluetooth® standard (e.g. Leica DISTO sketch).

Can I send measuring data from a Leica DISTO D110 (E7100i) to a Windows computer? 
It is possible to send data to computers running with Windows 8.1 by using the free software DISTO transfer. This free software you can download from our DISTO webpage. Windows 7 and older Windows operating systems do not support Bluetooth 4.0 and therefore do not support data transfer from the Leica DISTO D110 (E7100i).

Can I send measuring data from a Leica DISTO D110 (E7100i) to Windows mobile, Windows RT or a Blackberry device? 
No, this is not possible.

Does the Leica DISTO D110 (E7100i) offer apps? 
Yes. We offer the Leica DISTO sketch app. The app is available free of charge for iOS devices on iTunes, and for Android devices on Google play.




It would be useful to be able to operate Sketch Plan with D110 on Windows 10 tablet (eg Surface). Drawing on phone screen is pretty small and sketching cumbersome.


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