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How to Install Built in Floating Shelves

By jrowles


I'd like to introduce you to Bob Clagett.

Bob is a "maker" running his own successful Youtube channel and website called I Like to Make Stuff

Bob's mission:

"I like to make all sorts of stuff, with all sorts of materials.

These videos are my attempt at teaching, inspiring and empowering others to make the stuff that they want to have. Hopefully you'll see something here that will inspire you to make something that you're passionate about!"

Bob makes videos for woodworking projects, art projects, reviews on tools and gadgets, and even interviews other makers and DIYers from around the country in his "Brainpick" series.

In the video below Bob builds some floating shelves. He levels them off by setting anchor points with the Leica L2G+ laser level. (Jump to 1:45 to see him using the L2G+)