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Leica BLK2GO


The BLK2GO is a handheld mobile device that uses SLAM technology, which means that specific scanning techniques such as holding the unit properly, walking at a steady pace, and other best practices will produce the best data capture results.


vector icon of BLK2GO on table stand, turned off

Turn on the BLK2GO

Before turning on the BLK2GO, place the included table stand on a flat surface and then place the BLK2GO on the table stand. Make sure that the unit is stable. Then turn the BLK2GO on. 

BLK2GO vector icon in hand with yellow LED light

Wait until the BLK2GO is ready 

Press the button to initialize the scan and hold the BLK2GO steady while the scanner initializes (yellow LED). Keep holding it until the LED turns green. 

BLK2GO vector icon in hand with green LED light

Start scanning

Once the LED turns green, the scan has begun. Now you can pick up the BLK2GO and begin walking. 







BLK2GO scanning vector icon

Hold the scanner properly for best field of view

Hold the BLK2GO with as much field of view as possible, away from your body at a comfortable arm's length distance. Lift the device above your head if you need to maximize the BLK2GO’s field of view. SLAM also works best with maximum field of view in long and narrow spaces like stairwells, hallways, corridors, and caves. This technique will provide the best field of view overall, and especially in those types of spaces. 

speedometer vector icon

Keep a smooth and steady pace when walking

Walk in a slow, steady pace with smooth turns and changes of direction. If you are scanning around other people, make sure that nobody walks directly in front of or behind you, which can block the LiDAR and cameras.

yield sign vector icon

Slow down when entering a new space

When you are about to enter a new space (a new room, turning a corner in a hallway), walk slower while entering the space to give the BLK2GO extra time to scan the environment. This allows SLAM to recognize new features and connect those features to ones it has already learned. If you’re concerned that the space you’re scanning needs better coverage (like a hallway or stairwell), walk slower through the space for better results.

BLK2GO vector icon

Maintain proper distance from walls and objects

When possible, maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from walls and other features. Keeping this distance consistently will produce better results and refine your scanning technique. 

BLK2GO vector icon

Walk through a space twice for better LiDAR coverage

Two passes through an environment completed sequentially (a room, stairwell, hallway, etc.) will provide better LiDAR coverage for a complete scan.

BLK2GO on table stand vector icon

Start and end the scan at the same point

Start and end the scan at the same point (on the table stand) when possible. You can rely on the live visual feedback on the BLK2GO Live app to help you return to the start point. Remember to keep your phone out of the BLK2GO’s field of view while scanning by holding it below or behind the device.

black and white image of a person holding a BLK2GO

Download a copy of the BLK2GO scanning techniques.