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Leica BLK3D – in-picture measurements increase on-site safety and enable on the spot problem solving

By cornelia.dietz

Tom Lovegrove, Project Manager for BAM Construction and Michael Reidy, Site Manager for BAM construction successfully worked with the Leica BLK3D handheld imager on their King’s Cross T-Zone project in central London, UK.

The 54,000 meters squared, ambitious office development project at King’s Cross is aimed at becoming the lowestConstruction Site carbon commercial office building in the United Kingdom. In order to complete the build in January 2021 to the highest quality standards, various digital construction methods are being applied. New digital solutions designed to improve the construction process, such as the Leica BLK3D, are being tested on this live project.

The BLK3D handheld imager combines sensors and software as well as using edge-computing technologies to enable 3D, in-picture measurements with professional-grade accuracy. Every image captured is a complete and precise 3D measurement record. This means measurements can be created in an image right on the spot and it allows for additional measurements to be created in an image at any point thereafter.

Leica BLK3D

Tom Lovegrove found the BLK3D sped up the process of how problems are dealt with on site. The ability to create measurements right away makes it possible to raise issues with subcontractors on the spot which eliminates the need to go back to the site office.

Michael Reidy, Site Manager and Tom Lovegrove, Project Manager

Michael Reidy, Site Manager and Tom Lovegrove, Project Manager for BAM Construction

It sped up the process to raise problems on site. We’ve been able to raise it with subcontractors there and then, and it has genuinely made us more efficient on site.

(Tom Lovegrove, Project Manager BAM Construction)

Additionally, the BLK3D has improved safety on site as there is no need to enter areas deemed as unsafe. For example, the BLK3D allows for measurements to be taken from a safe position behind a handrail into openings which increases the safety of workers on-site. A further benefit, according to Michael Reidy, is that each image taken by the BLK3D provides a measurable “snapshot of time”. This makes the BLK3D a great asset for progress documentation. Existing PDF plans are easily imported into the device, and 3D images can be attached to any location of the plan.

Leica BLK3D

The focus on simplicity during the design process of the BLK3D makes it very easy to use, meaning hardly any training is needed to start working digitally.

It’s just as easy as any mobile held device. There’s no need to set up, like you would with a total station against the grid-referencing system. You can just take it out as if it was a normal camera on your phone and then getting the benefit of measuring areas and distances as well.

(Michael Reidy, Site Manager BAM construction)

Leaving Tom Lovegrove to conclude that: “The BLK3D has met expectations because it’s made things a lot more accurate, and it sped up the process to raise problems on site ”.

If you would like to find out more about the Leica BLK3D in-picture measurement solution, please visit www.blk3d.com or contact one of our BLK3D experts by clicking here.