C-Thrue concretes scanner surveying an overpass

The Best Concrete Scanner You Haven't Tried

C-Thrue is an easy-to-use, job site-ready handheld GPR concrete scanner that sees through concrete to reveal rebar, post-tension cables, voids, and more to depths reaching 31". That is deeper than any other scanner in its class.

With an intuitive workflow and on-the-spot results, the C-Thrue is a time and money saving addition to any concrete contractor's tool box. 


Starting at: $14,280


C-Thrue concrete scanner Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

What's better than using GPR to scan concrete structures so that you can identify where the rebar is before you start drilling?

The ability to quickly use the data you captured to get to work.

Add the C-Thrue Remote Desktop and AR Kit to a C-Thrue GPR to apply the data you captured on the spot.

The tablet can also be used in Remote Desktop Mode to allow a second person to see what the C-Thrue is seeing. This is very handy in situations where where you can't see the screen on the C-Thrue, like hanging over the side of an overpass running the scanner at the end of the Telescoping Remote Handle.


Automatic Positioning
and Navigation system (APNS)

Have you ever tried to hang a poster on a concrete wall?

Then you know what you are in for if you have to use the typical paper grid to orient a GPR concrete scanner.

The C-Thrue APNS consists of two L-shaped rails and three DISTO laser distance meter (LDM) emitters that are mounted in the front and sides of the C-Thrue chassis. 

The rails are backed with a special reusable adhesive that holds them in place on concrete much more securely than the folded up tape behind your old Bon Jovi poster.

Mount the rails and power on to activate the laser emitters and orient the C-Thrue in 2D space. As you move the chassis over the surface, the three LDMs provide precise positioning data to the C-Thrue's onboard software.



c-thrue concrete scanner positioning system