BLK3D window fitter documenting window installation

BLK3D Mobile

Software Workflow

Leica BLK3D


Reality Capture:
Capture 3D measurable images.

Laser Measurement:
Use the integrated Laser EDM to add highly accurate measurements to 3D images, or to take standalone measurements.

Sketch & Document:
Create floorplans and attach measurable images to them. Useful for documenting construction progress over time.

New Project:
Group 3D images and floorplans as a Project

Organize projects.



The BLK3D captures 2D photographs to determine precise 3D measurements, at your fingertips, in real-time. Share images and measurements in multiple formats.

Watch Leica Geosystems Technical Specialist Andy Fontana capture a 3D image and take measurements in the field with the BLK3D.


The wider the baseline, the better the accuracy. The BLK3D can extend the baseline by capturing two 3D stereographic images side-by-side. When accuracy is paramount, use the integrated Laser EDM to attach precise measurements to an existing 3D image, or use it to draw a 2D or 3D floor plan from scratch.


BLK3D single shot


In a single-shot 3D image, the baseline is the distance between the two camera lenses. Single shot accuracy is adequate for estimation tasks like documenting storm damage or for 2D measurements at close range.

BLK3D multi shot


In a multi-shot 3D image, the baseline is extended by moving laterally and taking a second shot of the same object. Multi-shot accuracy is recommended for tasks like construction progress documentation where 3D measurements at longer range are required.

BLK3D Measure on Device

Capture an image and measure distance or area, including depth, on the device instantly. Advanced snapping algorithms make it easier to pick the right pixel to measure from.

Share Your Work
Export 3D images in PDF or JPG format. Send 3D images captured by the BLK3D to your computer where they can be opened and edited with the BLK3D Desktop Software. You can also export JPGs or PDFs and send them from the BLK3D via WiFi.

In addition to measurable 3D images, the BLK3D creates highly accurate 2D and 3D floorplans. Watch Andy use the integrated Laser EDM to create a floorplan using the BLK3D's on-board Smart Room feature.

Draw a rough outline of a room on the touchscreen, fill in values by hand or using the Laser EDM, and attach images. Add 3D images to specific locations in floorplans.