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BLK3D Sketch and Document

Documentation with pictures and measurements


Transforms your BLK3D into a professional measurement station.

Measure an unlimited number of points with the integrated Laser EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement) and the Leica P2P Technology. Create a detailed floorplan of a large or irregular room with Measure Plan or of a vertical surface like a building façade with Measure Façade.

Visualize the plan creation in real-time on the BLK3D screen and export your points in 2D/3D DXF or DWG format.

BLK3D Sketch and Document

DST 360

Designed for Point-to-Point (P2P) measurements.

The DST 360 is an intelligent adapter that transforms your BLK3D into a professional measurement station, allowing you to accurately measure distances between points and create facades and rooms plans. The DST 360 comes with a compact and sturdy TRI 120 tripod. Both are stored in a tough-as-nails case protected to IP67 standards (dust-tight and waterproof) with space for your BLK3D.

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DST 360 and BLK3D


Photo documentation with measurable images.

Import PDF or JPG images or take a photo of an existing plan with your BLK3D and assign measurable images to any position on the plan. Document construction progresses over time, and confirm the exact conditions of a given part of a job site without punching a hole, tearing up a slab, or even going on site at all.

Leica BLK3D


No more need for pad and pen.

With Sketch Plan you can create a digital floorplan or any other situation map. Sketch lines on the touchscreen and add measurement with the integrated Laser EDM, including room heights, windows and doors. Assign measurable images to any position on the plan and export in JPG, PDF or 2D and 3D CAD formats.

Benefit from a fully digital 3D floorplan creation workflow, with no transcription errors.

BLK3D Sketch and Document


Automatically transform Laser measurements in a detailed 2D or 3D floorplan.

Just take clockwise or counter-clockwise measurements of a room, and Smart Room will create a detailed floorplan for you.

Speed up the floorplan creation process and reduce the time needed on the job site for measuring.

Sketch & Document is available via subscription.  Learn more