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Send your data into point cloud compatible software and create models, floorplans, and other deliverables specific to your work.


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Create highly accurate 2D floorplans quickly and easily with point cloud data.

CAD Model


Get all the dimensions you need and eliminate the guesswork when creating Building Information Models.


Want a Virtual Demo?

Schedule a video call with one of our product specialists to see the BLK2GO in action and answer your questions.

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Want a Virtual Demo?

Schedule a video call with one of our product specialists to see the BLK2GO in action and answer your questions.

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Explore your data and create impressive visualizations to better collaborate with your team and virtually return to the jobsite at any time.


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Explore without boundaries.

Create virtual flythroughs and work with colleagues using BLK2GO data as the foundation for your collaborative projects.

Gain new insights.

Create perspectives and vantage points that are impossible without reality capture data.

Leica BLK2GO Point Cloud of NYC
register 360 used on laptop

Find out how to command your scans with the BLK2GO companion software.


iPhones displaying screenshots of Leica BLK2GO Live App

BLK2GO Live App

The BLK2GO Live app is the companion app that pairs with the BLK2GO. It allows users to see live visual feedback from the BLK2GO while scanning.

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Live Feedback

2D View

The BLK2GO Live app shows users top 2D view of what the BLK2GO is capturing in real-time. This “floor plan” view gives instant visual feedback to guide a user’s trajectory while scanning.

BLK2GO live app 2D view GIF

3D View

The BLK2GO Live app also shows a 3D rendering of point clouds captured in real-time, enabling users to see the uniformity and completeness of their scans.

BLK2GO Live App 3D imagery iphone screen recording

High-Resolution Images

Users can capture individual high-resolution images by pressing the BLK2GO’s button while scanning. The BLK2GO Live app can show users each image while scanning to ensure all imagery needed during a scan is captured.

High resolution image on iPhone screen recording in BLK2GO Live App

Device Management

The BLK2GO Live app also allows users to manage the BLK2GO, including device status such as battery, disk space or temperature, and to visualize and manage existing scans.

iPhone showing the device management screen on the BLK2GO Live App

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