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VAT Excluded
VAT Excluded

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In The Box:

  • Leica BLK ARC Robotic Laser Scanner
  • GEV290 USB-C Extension Cable
  • GEV291 Power Extension Cable
  • GEV278 USB-C Cable
  • GEV276 Power Supply Unit
  • BLK Cleaning Cloth
  • Leica BLK ARC Quick Guide
  • Leica BLK ARC USB Documentation Card

Product Features:

The BLK ARC expands the capabilities of your robotic carrier. Now it’s possible to scan tightly enclosed spaces, hazardous areas, and uneven terrain with complete autonomy. With module protection built in, the BLK ARC is durable and ensures scan data is fully captured. Simply set a path for the BLK ARC in applications ranging from a construction site where the terrain is unpredictable to hazardous areas that aren’t safe for humans. Have the BLK ARC confidently lead the way entirely on its own. 

For a detailed product overview, please visit the Leica BLK ARC product page.

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS (BLK Edition) Subscription

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS (BLK Edition) features an intuitive UI, guided workflows and an easy process for working with data downstream with more advanced tools like Cyclone 3DR and TruView. Or export your point clouds as a standard E57 file or Autodesk's native RCP file format. Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS (BLK Edition) is optimized for the BLK ARC and provides streamlined workflows to assist new users and speed up the process for experienced users. Import data to Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS (BLK Edition) with USB or WLAN.

Reality Cloud Studio, powered by HxDR

Reality Cloud Studio is Hexagon’s cloud-based application for reality capture data storage, automated meshing and registration, advanced visualization, and up-to-the-minute collaboration. Simply upload your BLK ARC data directly from the scanner using Reality Cloud Studio’s browser-based UI and work with your data immediately in the field. 

Software options for every kind of project

For larger projects or existing Cyclone users, Leica Geosystems Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS and Cyclone FIELD 360 are also available to help register your scans together and view scan data and imagery in real-time. 

Article number: 947000

BLK ARC Videos


Leica BLK ARC - Autonomous Reality Capture in Construction

How to set up your Leica BLK ARC on Boston Dynamics Spot

How to Scan with the Leica BLK ARC

Leica BLK ARC and Boston Dynamics Spot: Fully Autonomous Reality Capture

Use Cases and Articles

BLK ARC & ANYmal Robot: W.R. Grace Chemical Plants | Turner Construction Autonomous Reality Capture

Design & Physical

Housing Black powder coated aluminium
Weight 690 g
Height 183.6 mm
Front to back 92.5 mm
Diameter 80 mm


BLK ARC-UI Browser-based mission control user interface.
Requires additional installation on a supported robotic carrier
Communication USB 3.0 and Wireless (BLK ARC-UI connection)
Internal memory 24 hours of scanning (compressed data) / 6 hours (uncompressed data)

LiDAR & Imaging

Laser class 1 (in accordance with IEC 60825-1)
Wavelength 830 nm
Field of view 360° (horizontal) / 270° (vertical)
Range Min. 0.5 - up to 25 m
Point measurement rate 420,000 pts/sec
High resolution camera 12 Mpixel, 90° x 120°, rolling shutter
Panoramic vision system 3-camera system, 4.8 Mpixel 300° x 135°, global shutter

Dynamic System Performance (GrandSLAM Based)

The following specifications apply to mobile scanning mode only:

Range noise * ** +/-3 mm
Accuracy indoor *** +/-10 mm


Robustness Designed for indoor and outdoor use
Operating temperature 0 to +40 °C
Dust & humidity protection IP54 (IEC 60529)

Data Processing

Data transfer Wireless and USB 3.0
Desktop software Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS and Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS (BLK Edition), RCS
Cloud Software Reality Cloud Studio, powered by HxDR

All specifications are subject to change without notice. All accuracy specifications are one sigma unless otherwise noted.
* at 78% albedo
** environment dependent
*** controlled environment (scan duration 2 minutes)

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