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Leica Cyclone 3DR

Product Highlights

Cyclone 3DR uses smart automation to streamline common tasks and reduce unexpected project delays to quickly deliver actionable information to clients. Where most software will focus on a single workflow to create a specialized deliverable, Cyclone 3DR includes a range of adaptable tools for inspection, modelling and meshing that can be leveraged to create an assortment of 3D deliverables and reports applicable across industries. 

The required Cyclone Software base (Article: 5308150) is included with every price.


Cyclone Software Base Sub

* required
Cylclone Register 360 Software


Cyclone Software base (Article: 5308150)

VAT Excluded

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In The Box

  • Cyclone 3DR can be purchased as one of five Editions that are tailored to unique industry workflows.
  • Customer Care (CCP) is included for the duration of the subscription.
  • Some features may require a Cyclone PUBLISHER license to utilize.

Key Features:

  • DSM/DTM creation
  • Sensor agnostic projects powered by JetStream or industry-standard exchange formats
  • Touch Mode workflows bring the power of Cyclone 3DR to the field with direct connection to Cyclone FIELD 360and Cyclone FIELDWORX
  • Fast, light and flexible meshing tools
  • Inspection and measurement for design-in-context
  • Domain-centric workflows for AEC, Survey and Tank Inspection, such as Scan-to-Plan, Clash Analysis, Building Extractor, Cross Section Analysis and more
  • Advanced customization through a rich scripting engine
  • Reporting that conforms to industry standards (e.g., Tank Inspection to API 650/653)
  • Flexible texturing capabilities
  • Full interoperability with common design formats, including IFC and Revit model files, exporting standard BCF format for BIM issues and clashes and time-saving features like send to AutoCAD or send to Hexagon Mine Plan
  • Automatic feature extraction and much more
  • Diverse geometric information extraction and much more

The All-in-One Deliverable Solution.

Cyclone 3DR Touch Mode brings the power of Cyclone 3DR into the field to support rapid deliverable creation and on-the-spot decision making. Conduct key inspection workflows with a  touch-friendly interface from data captured and delivered in real-time from Cyclone FIELD 360, FIELDWORX or industry-standard formats. Real-time analysis allows users to make informed decisions immediately as data becomes available, saving your business time and money and reducing in-office processing. Touch Mode is an expansion of the capabilities of your existing license.

Please refer to our technical specification for a complete list of all features in the product per license.

Processor 2 GHz Dual Quad Core i7 processor or better
RAM Minimum 16 GB or more for 64 bit OS
Hard Disk 1 GB free disk space
Graphic Card NVidia – Quadro or GeForce 1GB (with OpenGL support, versions 4.3 or higher)
Operating System Microsoft Windows® 7 – 8 – 10 (64 bits supported)
Tablet Device for Touch Mode Microsoft Surface PRO Core i7 1.5 GHz – 16GB RAM
Minimum requirements for Automatic Classification Graphic card: Nvidia with GPU capabilities RAM: 32 GB Hard disk: 10 GB free disk space CUDA® 11.2 Toolkit from NVidia