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オプション: 校正補助スプレッドシートをダウンロードし、数値を入力すると自動計算されます。

  1. ベースラインの決定 1〜10メートル範囲にあるもので、窓枠や部屋の長さなど、手の届きやすいものを選びます。正確なメジャーでベースラインの長さを決めておきます。ISO認証ユーザーとして、DISTOをISO規格に認証するためにこの校正を行う場合、メジャーは国内規格にトレーサブルなものでなければなりません(ローマ字スタンプ付きのクラスIまたはIIのメジャーで十分です)。メジャーの端にあるフックで測定エラーを引き起こさないように注意してください。
  2. 定点から最低10回測定します。 測定のたびにDISTOが動いてしまうことのないよう、三脚などを使用されることを強くお勧めします。 
  3. 測定値を平均し、その平均値を使って、ベースライン値からの系統誤差を決定します。系統偏差は、(平均値 - ベースライン値)の絶対値です。 
  4. 標準偏差の計算: 個々の測定値 (Xi), the 平均値および測定数 (n)
  5. 標準精度を算出するには、系統偏差を標準偏差の2倍します。





Hi Jefferey:

A laser is a focused beam of light. The more powerful the laser, the more focused it remains at longer distances.

Distos are a Class 2 laser, so not very powerful (which makes them safe to use around a crowded job site). As you've seen, the "dot" can get pretty big at long distances -- like the size of a plate when you get out to the maximum range.

The accuracy of a disto at long distances has more to do with the technology we have developed to measure the return signal of the laser than with the strength of the laser itself. An accurate measurement can be ascertained from a relatively weak return signal.

At longer distances, how reflective your target is will impact your ability to get a reading from that big laser dot. For example, if the 358 sign in this video were black instead of white, we probably would have gotten a 255 error.

Hello, I bought a E7100i. I didn't get a certificate with it, which makes me wonder if it's authentic. The cardboard backing that the device was packaged in has a sticker on it which I presume has the serial number and other things printed on it. I tried registering the device to get the 3 year warranty, but wasn't sure where to find the serial number and other numbers the registration asked for.

lindsay.walker 月, 06/01/2020

Warren Mann (未認証ユーザー) による「」への返信


Hi Warren, I would recommend reaching out directly to the seller to determine the authenticity and they will hopefully be able to provide any missing documentation. You should also be able to find the registration info/serial number under the battery. If this information registers properly on MyWorld you should be all set. Please let us know if we can help further!


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