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In The Box:

  • BLK2GO PULSE Handheld Laser Scanner 

  • Transportation Case  

  • Table Stand 

  • Multicharger with power cable and AC adapter 

  • Lithium-Ion Battery GEB821 (3x) 

  • Mobile Device Mount and Cap 

  • Wrist Strap 

  • USB-C Data Cable 

  • Cleaning Cloth 

  • USB Documentation Card 

  • BLK2GO PULSE Quick Guide 

Leica BLK2GO PULSE what comes in the box

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Product Features:

Indoor scanning just got a little more fun. Instant capture and aligned datasets, based on GrandSLAM technology, with the introduction of PULSE Technology, give you a faster, focused, and intuitive reality capture experience for indoor environments.

For a detailed product overview, please visit the Leica BLK2GO PULSE product page.

Building off the success of the BLK2GO, the BLK2GO PULSE uses the same form factor—an elegant, sleek design with ergonomics in mind—but with a completely different approach to reality capture by utilizing dual time-of-flight LiDAR sensors and GrandSLAM technology.

This new technology creates a rapid and focused scanning workflow. The BLK2GO PULSE emits a “pulse” of LiDAR points that immediately capture a point cloud. It enables you to capture only what you need without scanning an entire area for instant creation of 3D digital twins and swift 2D floorplans and elevations. Its accessibility and ease of use also make it ideal for facilities management and monitoring of indoor built environments.

Fully compatible with Leica Geosystems Cyclone suite of Reality Capture software, the Leica BLK2GO PULSE is a significant technological advancement in reality capture.

BLK Live App

The BLK2GO PULSE includes the free companion app for smartphones, the BLK Live App, allowing users to immediately view captured data for on-site feedback, quality assurance, quality control, and data upload to the cloud. You can also export fully colorized point cloud as E57 files, making post-processing optional. Available for iOS and Android.

Leica Cyclone FIELD 360

The BLK2GO PULSE is compatible with the Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 app, available for iOS and Android, tablet, and smartphone. You can control the scanner and immediately view the captured data for on-site feedback, quality assurance, quality control, and registration directly in the field.  

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS (BLK Edition) Subscription

Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS (BLK Edition) features an intuitive UI, guided workflows, and an easy process for working with data downstream with more advanced tools like Cyclone 3DR and TruView. Or export your cloud as a standard E57 file or Autodesk's native RCP file format.   

Reality Cloud Studio

Reality Cloud Studio, powered by Hexagon is an all-in-one, simple, and secure cloud-based platform for reality data storage, visualization, collaboration, and app development. Directly upload BLK2GO PULSE data to Reality Cloud Studio from the BLK Live app while in the field with features like automated meshing, automated registration, sharing and storing of data. 

Get started out of the box.

To work with point cloud data on your computer, users can use the BLK Live App to export E57 files or subscribe to Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS (Regular or BLK Edition). Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS (BLK Edition) is optimized for the BLK2GO PULSE and provides streamlined workflows to assist new users and speed up the process for experienced users.     

Software options for every kind of project.

For larger projects or existing Cyclone users, Leica Geosystems Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS (BLK Edition) and Cyclone FIELD 360 are also available to help register your scans together and view scan data and imagery in real-time.   


Housing Black anodized aluminium and rubber cover
Dimensions Height: 282 mm / Diameter: 80 mm
Weight 750 g (850 g including battery)
Transport cover BLK2GO PULSE transportation case


Stand-alone operation One-button operation
Mobile device BLK Live app for iOS and Android including:
  • Live 2D and colorized 3D view
  • Colorized first-person view while and after scanning
  • Smart sensor feedback & guidance
  • Device status & remote control
  • Data export: E57, .jpg, .csv
  • Direct data upload to Reality Cloud Studio, powered by HxDR

Android 10.0 or higher on 64-bit ARM architecture with 64-bit operating system and at least 4GB of RAM. Recommended devices: Samsung Galaxy S22, S23 series. iOS16 or higher with 64-bit operating system and at least 4GB of RAM. Recommended devices: iPhone 12, 13, 14, 15 series

Communication Wireless (app connection)
Internal memory 40 hours of scanning (compressed data)
20 hours of scanning (uncompressed data)
Internal Storage 256 GB
Battery Exchangeable, rechargeable Li-Ion battery (Leica GEB821)
40-45 minutes


Time-of-Flight LiDAR  
     No. of sensors 2
     Field of view 210° (horizontal) / 85° (vertical)
     Spatial resolution 7,816 laser spots
     Frame rate 5 fps
     Scan pattern Homogeneous hexagonal grid
     Measurement range Min. 0.5 - up to 10 m
     Laser class 1
     Wavelength 940 nm (invisible)
High resolution camera:  
     No. of cameras 1
     Field of view 90° (horizontal) / 120° (vertical)
     Resolution 12 Mpixel
Panoramic vision system:  
     No. of cameras 3
     Field of view 300° (horizontal) / 135° (vertical)
     Resolution 4.8 Mpixel


Range noise * **  
     Real-time: +/- 15 mm
     Post-processed: +/- 5 mm
Accuracy indoor *** +/- 2 cm


Robustness Designed for indoor use
Operating temperature 0 to +40 °C
Dust & humidity protection IP54 (IEC 60529)


Data transfer Wireless and USB 3.0
Desktop software Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS and Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS (BLK Edition)
Cloud software Reality Cloud Studio, powered by HxDR

All specifications are subject to change without notice.
All accuracy specifications are one sigma unless otherwise noted.
*at 78% albedo
**environment dependent
***controlled environment (scan duration 3 minutes)
Copyright Leica Geosystems AG, Heerbrugg, Switzerland 2023.

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