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Leica BLK2GO on black background

Introducing BLK2GO, a first-of-its-kind handheld imaging laser scanner

By christopher.dollard


At the 2019 HxGN Live conference in Las Vegas, we were proud to introduce the world’s first entirely handheld imaging laser scanner, the BLK2GO. Introduced by Juergen Dold, President of Hexagon Geosystems, and explained in detail by Burkhard Boeckem, Chief Technology Officer, the BLK2GO is designed for use by all users in reality capture to augment their existing workflows and discover entirely new applications.

SPEED, MOBILITY, AND SELF-NAVIGATIONWoman scanning warehouse with Leica BLK2GO

The BLK2GO offers exciting laser scanning and imaging capabilities with a focus on mobility,speed, ease-of-use, and accuracy. Anyone who uses a BLK2GO simply has to turn it on and walk through a space—reaching over, under, and behind objects or structures—to digitally capture it. Continuous scanning is powered by rechargeable batteries and onboard storage with space for up to six hours of capture time. The multicolored, segmented lightguide that encircles the BLK2GO below the LiDAR dome offers scanning guidance and real-time feedback on data quality.

The BLK2GO uses SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology to know where it is and where it has been in space. We've taken that a bit further with the GRANDSLAM — a combination of high-speed dual axis LiDAR, the 12-megapixel multicamera vision system, and an inertial measurement unit that makes the BLK2GO self-navigating. And you don’t have to be a surveyor or AEC professional to use it. Two entertainment professionals joined Burkhard on stage to explain how reality capture technology impacts their work.


“To take a famous quote, the best camera is the one you have with you,” said Francois Chardavoine, VP of Technology at Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic. “Well, for us, the best scanner is the one you have with you,” he continued, noting that his crews have used the BLK360 for over a year and a half and has become a standard part of their arsenal due to its portability, accuracy, and simple operation.

          Francois Chardavoine gives a Keynote presentation at HxGN Live 2019 in Las Vegas

Francois Chardavoine gives a Keynote presentation at HxGN Live 2019 in Las Vegas

“The new BLK2GO that was just announced yesterday is another leap forward that’s going to enable us to scan sets, props, vehicles in ways that we've never been able to before,” said Chardavoine.

It’s really an amazing time to be interacting with some of these devices. And Leica Geosystems in particular has been an incredible partner for us in ensuring that we can continue to tackle all of the challenges that are thrown at us in the future.

We are truly excited to see what kinds of projects and creations that the BLK2GO will inspire you, our customers, to achieve. You can learn more about the BLK2GO, including specifications, and sign up for product updates here.