Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360



In The Box

  • Cyclone REGISTER 360 Software (Permanent or Subscription)
  • Optional Add-on: Cyclone REGISTER 360 Customer Care Package (CCP) 1 year for Permanent Licenses
  • Each license of Cyclone REGISTER 360 provides access to Cyclone FIELD 360 for in-field data collection and scan pre-alignment

Product Highlights

Speed, Scale, Simplicity

Cyclone REGISTER 360 is the first step in preparing your data for delivery to clients or use downstream in design packages. Accurate registration is a must for any successful reality capture project and this simple and powerful tool allows you to quickly register your scans, clean your point cloud and produce all Leica Geosystems native and industry-standard formats.

Key Features
  • Simple guided workflow: Import, Review and Optimize, Finalize and Publish
  • Optimized for projects up to 500 scans
  • Automatic registration and cleaning options take the guesswork out of combining your scans
  • Visual QA lets you clearly see the quality and alignment of your project
  • Support for all Leica Geosystems HDS sensors plus third party and industry standard data formats
  • Publish to Leica Geosystems downstream products (TruView and JetStream), the universal reality capture project file (LGS) and all industry standard formats
  • For a complete listing of product features please reference the Cyclone Technical Specification

More Product Details

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 15 Day Free Trial

The Power of Cyclone, simplified.

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 borrows from the simplicity of the BLK360 while maintaining scalability to deliver a simple and robust point cloud registration solution.

Cyclone REGISTER 360 empowers users of any skill level to work smarter, deliver results more accurately, visualize in more detail and collaborate more effectively – placing the user at the center of their project.


Drag, Drop, Done. From project creation to final reporting, project completion is significantly faster thanks to multithreaded batch routines, one-step import and processing, guided workflows, built-in QA/QC tools and automated reporting to save significant time and guess-work while delivering higher productivity


Cyclone REGISTER 360 handles even the most challenging of projects with ease and takes the headache out of complex workflows. New users can execute large projects, scaling to your needs, thanks to the simple-yet-powerful interface.


Deliver professional-level project deliverables with ease. Cyclone REGISTER 360 provides guided registration workflows to assist new users and speed the process for experienced users. Intuitive QA tools and reporting take the guesswork out of your registration quality and put all the information you need at your fingertips. Batch export your final products to a range of formats and programs and even push live data to the cloud for global collaboration with the click of a button. Cyclone REGISTER 360 now supports publishing of Leica Geosystems universal digital reality file, the LGS file, for simple downstream use in TruView, JetStream and CloudWorx.

Cyclone REGISTER 360 Includes:

  • 1 year subscription to Cyclone REGISTER 360

Learn more about Cyclone REGISTER 360 at leica-geosystems.com