Leica Lino L6G


VAT Excluded

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In The Box:

Leica Lino L6G Starter Kit

  • Leica Lino L6G
  • Soft bag
  • Li-Ion battery pack incl. charger and plugs
  • Alkaline battery tray
  • Laser target
  • Quick start guide, safety instructions, calibration certificate, warranty card

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  • Horizontal and two vertical 360° green laser lines
  • Best visibility due to green Ultra-power laser diodes
  • Self-leveling over wide range
  • Fixed plumb point due to integrated base
  • Adjustable strength of laser lines
  • Operating range of up to 35 metres
  • Li-Ion power for up to 11 h
  • Uninterrupted working with Triple-Power concept
  • Smart magnetic adapters versatile usage

Green Visibility

Green Lino laser lines are four times more visible to the human eye in comparison to red ones. This makes green lasers more suitable for longer distances and increases visibility in bright environments.

Li-Ion Innovative

Li-Ion power lasts for hours. There is no interruption to your work for battery charging and no need to constantly exchange Alkaline batteries.


The Leica Lino automatically adjusts its positioning if it is slightly out of level (up to ± 4°). If the tilt is outside the limit, the instrument activates a visual alert to prevent errors.

Preferred Settings

Save your laser line settings and their intensity on the device so it is ready to use when it’s turned on.

Continuous Working

Run your laser with Li-Ion, Alkaline or connect it to the power supply. Continue working with the smart triple power concept.

Rugged Design

The Leica Linos are dust and spray water protected. This makes them tough instruments suitable for today’s jobsite condition

Smart Accessories for Highest Flexibility

Easy set-up

The vertical laser lines projected to walls and ceilings are easily adjusted once the plumb point is set. The integrated base of the line laser allows you to position the cross section (plumb point) of the two vertical laser lines where required and then adjust the laser lines by ± 10° while keeping the position of the plumb point.

L6G laser fine adjustment

Magnetic adapters

Magnetic adapters allow you to position the instrument quickly and with absolute precision. Set-up the rotatable adapters over edges and profiles, attach it to iron pipes or various tracks and bars. The triple power concept allows for continuous operation of the line laser. It can be operated with Li-Ion and Alkaline batteries or alternatively with its charger.



Leica Lino L6G Technical Data Sheet (US Only)

Beam horizontal 360°
Beam vertical 2 x 360°
Intersection points up, down, right, left, front, back (90° / 180°)
Range / diameter* 35 m / 70 m (115 ft / 230 ft)
Range / diameter* with Leica RGR 200 receiver 70 m / 140 m (230 ft / 460 ft)
Levelling accuracy ± 0.2 mm/m (± 0.002 in/ft)
Horizontal- and Vertical line accuracy ± 0.3 mm/m (± 0.004 in/ft)
Intersection point accuracy ± 0.2 mm/m (± 0.002 in/ft)
Self-levelling range ± 4°
Self-levelling time < 3 sec
Fine adjustment ± 10° around vertical intersection point
Out-of-level warning yes - blink lines every 5 s
Levelling pendulum (lockable)
Laser 525 nm / class 2 (acc. to IEC 60825-1)
Protection class IP54 (dust and splash water)
Battery type

3xAA Alkaline

Lino Li-Ion battery pack
5200 mAh / 18.7 Wh
or 3xAA Alkaline

Laser line intensity (selectable) 100 %, 75 %, 50 %
Operating time with Li-Ion


up to 11 h (3 beam, 50 % power)

Operating time with Alkaline

up to 8 h (3 beam, 50 % power)

up to 8 h (3 beam, 50 % power)

Dimensions 124 x 107 x 154 mm (4.88 x 4.21 x 6.06 in)
Weight 781 g (1.71 lbs)
Operation temperature -10 to +50° C (14 to 122° F)
Storage temperature -25 to +70° C (-13 to +158° F)
Laser line width @ 5 m (16.4 ft) distance < 2 mm (< 0.08 in)
Tripod thread 1/4 in (5/8 in with adapter)
Pulse power for receiver yes

* Depending on lighting conditions